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A summer getaway is essential to escape the concrete jungle especially when you travel in style, bright, bold, beautiful. Longchamp's <Finca Luisa> Tote with the saturated shades, structured shapes, a striking architectural vision is a vibrant statement of modernity, epitomized by the collection’s standout print capturing the bright travel idea and spirit. Exclusively created for Longchamp , this graphic motif was inspired by the houses characteristic of South American estates (Finca in Spanish) and is a playful tribute to the Mexican architect Luis Barragan, Celebrated for his use of bold block colour.
Bringing together the season’ s key shades, from indigo blue and vermilion red to ecru and sunshine yellow, its intense, sun-soaked hues translate beautifully to canvas in the shape for a subtly sophisticated finish in keeping with the collections’ focus on elegant essentials.
The Finca Luisa print is precisely placed on the handbags so each side reveals a different design and colour palette: one side shows the house’s roof and windows in indigo and ecru accented with vibrant vermilion; the other features a details of stone steps in sun-baked shades of paprika and sunshine yellow; Two distinct looks to suit different outfits or different moments.
A holiday spirit has climbed aboard with the <Navigation Freshness Cruise> collection with a sea version Nylon canvas (like Le Pilage) and the natural aspect is enhanced with reminders of marinas the world over: white sales, stripes, metallic eyelet finishes and lastly the white cord. This collection is young and fresh for all who on a daily basis, want to escape or to carry around a breath of fresh sea air. This spacious interior can contain everything you'd like it to. The two big handles in white cord with their leather finish enable the bags to be carried over the shoulder or can be double facilitating a hand-held position. The clutch bag can be easily be slipped into the tote bags and become a holder of personal belongings.
The <Gatsby Exotic> is perfect for bringing together current trends of the "python-style" for an animal spirit and the all-metal square clasp for a pure-lined and minimalist look and for an active woman on the lookout for luxury, identity-enhancing products that are practical too. The extra-flat pocket fits in with today's trend for maxi-pockets, its wide format is just right to slip in an Ipad or A4 documents. Decorated with a miniaturized Gatsby clasp, it adds elegance to silhouettes while offering an organized inside format for pen pocket and zipper pocket.

On Location : Siam Kempinski Hotel, Bangkok

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