Berluti First Global Advertising Campaign

Berluti first global and 2013 advertising campaign featuring British actor Jeremy Irons and Pierre Casiraghi. Shot by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, the campaign seeks to rediscover the points of origin of the gentlemanly style and elegance so enduringly celebrated by the Berluti House. Irons is therefore captured amidst the refined atmosphere of a London's club with Mr. Casiraghi on location in Monaco.The campaign aims to recall the intimate nature of the passage of tradition by examining the lineage of style that the house has so attentively furnished over the years. More than simple adornment, Berluti’s products have always upheld a certain way of life that’ as crucial to its proponents as Berluti’s savoir-faire is to its craftsmen. Much like the careful cultivation and transmission of craft, this sense of style, this way of life, has been passed down through the generations, giving the Berluti name a resonance as relevant now as it ever was. To illustrate this transmission of values, we find Jeremy Irons tracing his own personal heritage to the influence of another figurehead of the English acting establishment: Peter Sellers. An initiation then, in the ways of the stage, the spoken word, and an English elegance that’s so perfectly punctuated by a pair of Berluti boots.
Similarly, Pierre Casiraghi envisions the source of his cultural initiation as none other than Jacky Ickx, hero of the automobile circuit and symbol of that fast-paced and fearless existence that finds its apogee in the sporting chic of Monaco and the clean cut of a Berluti suit. Founded in Paris in 1895 by an Italian boot-maker, Berluti has remained throughout the generations a reference in the annals of style, craft and luxury. Adopted in 1993 by the LVMH group, this status has been reinforced for a menswear collection that today brings the lessons of tradition and long-earned expertise into an expression of unquestionable modernity. In 2011, Alessandro Sartori was appointed Creative Director and charged with the mission of leading the house into the unchartered territory of ready-to-wear clothing. The satisfaction of this task lay undoubtedly in the marriage of heritage with innovation and Sartori has accordingly reworked the central principles of the house for a product that not only reconciles the classic with the contemporary but that also gives voice to his own personal expression.

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