<I'M SO EXCITED!> Seriously?!!! I'm so NOT freaking excited......Almodovar's latest release had done it "again" with immense anticipation by his die hard fans and that including us. If there is a PG13 rated film film for kids and to challenge your intelligence for being dumb and dumber <I'M SO EXCITED> has it all and shall be crowned the dumbest movie from Almodovar's film ever made. As ever, all movie trailer are deceiving and never ever judge the book by its cover and it make no exception for <I'M SO EXCITED!>. For a comedy, there are tons of plots made pretentiously to excel the old fashion gags and Almodovar failed us completely is many ways for not creating any good laughter but silence and yes a huge silence............in the cinema. A really bad joke was told by Almodovar, the lines written (by him) was older than any old school rules and uncountable dullness and limp, you could actually begin to count the rest of the remaining time and get set to walk out from the cinema at once. Confusion in gender and sexual behaviour are no stranger in Almodovar's film and in fact that is his high in every film he made and became his identical style of telling story by bringing less negative messages to his audience for knowing who you really are. Men love women and married a women but to have sex with another men or a transsexuals while the other half were well notified. It is not insane in Almodovar's movie world but to those who just began to watch Almodovar's films, perhaps, that would become their next best gag. We felt so excited with great anticipation before the film began but we couldn't any moment to laugh from the beginning to the end. It is a real stinker!

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