HK/Forbidden Super Hero 變態超人

You have to understanding the Japanese culture by creating such pervert ideas in many of their ways of a living lifestyle in order to appreciate fully as to why such comedy for creating a Super Hero in need for its own nation. <HK/Forbidden Super Hero> made a blast in Japan and Taiwan's box office when released, the hit continues when it came to Hong Kong and created lots of noise even before the actual release. At least the idea was fresh and the refined vulgar was crude, yet it creates a lot of good laughs while a Hentai Kamen or better known as the pantyhose Hero with an actual woman's panties over his face and fishnet stocking with a mankini to give him the power to save the world of being bullied. The forbidden Super Hero who appears to have an absolute intact figure played by Kyosuke Shikijo comes along with a series of misappropriating sexual movies including stuffing his "Golden Balls" into the faces of his defeated enemies. At some points, it might make things a little uneasy for such pervertable act and almost a total expose, but once again we had said earlier, you have to understand the Japanese's alternative way of inventive and their imagination of such refined coarse idea which were well received by many others eventually. This film is a great night out with friends and walked out the theater with a good laugh to ease your mind even on a school night.

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