SDU : Sex Duties Unit 飛虎出征

Film director Pang Ho-Cheung continue to bring his crude sexual humor and his signature "low class" lewd comedy to challenge his "low class" audience" after last year success of his low budget film <Vulgaria>. Wait a minute, but this time around Pang played the producer instead of the director from the adaptation of his short story in his newspaper column. To no surprises, many plots were created predictably and seeing many formative shadows from <Vulgaria> where new comer film director Gary Mak held the throne and summon the act without much personality yet just turning himself to a copy cat. Pang's raucous comedy is all around in the film but still lacking of his real aching essence since he passed the baton to Mak. Despite the usual suspect of the breasts and nipples on going at the nightclubs scenes, there are plenty more of flat chested women, breast implants, oral sex and other sex trade in order to make the film as one of the highlights and show only disrespect of women's physics and moral at their disposal to the bunch of its die hard "low class" audience. The film is rated R not only from too much of an exposure but also the cheap local class vulgar lines being made in disguise and yet unnecessary. <SDU : Sex Duties Unit> is totally a failure in disguise.

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