KENZO MADLY @ Kiss' n Fly New Fragrance

KENZO MADLY Kiss' n Fly New Fragrance is a colourful butterfly came to rest on my hand. I blew it a kiss. It brushed my cheek as it flew off. In the end, I think it kissed me…...The joyful madness of MADLY KENZO finds a new expression, imbued with lightness and gracefulness, in KISS’N FLY. A fruity floral limited edition with a sparkling start. Pear, litchi and jasmine sign a delightful fragrance bursting with freshness. A fresh, gentle, delicate scent. Like the kiss of a butterfly. The iconic bottle designed by Ron Arad adopts a fresh attitude and opts for a shade of turquoise to illuminate its contours and emphasise its lightness.

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