Suede @ Bloodsports

British rock band Suede making an emotional, elegant, dark and complex come back with their new album <Bloodsports> after more than a decade and highly charged with sneer and leer before they began to seem outdated for continuing to yowl about love and lust. Is their plan not simply to recapture their past but to imagine an alternative course for it? However, Suede were still the Saturday night soundtrack to being young, being lost and undergoing all necessary preparations (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs of dubious origin) to ensure you leave behind a most exquisite corpse. Those were the days of being wild and <Bloodsports> stays faithful to the band's signature sound and represents a refreshing evolution in spirit drawing attention to those youthful indiscretions : ego, insecurity, obsession, rebellious that we never seem to outgrow. Suede sets expectations high with < Barriers> with other best Suede songs like <Sometimes I Feel I"ll Float Away> and <For The Stranger>. "I don't think there's any point in coming back and trying to reinvent the band." Said vocalist Brett Anderson. For a man who often gives great quotes, he's described the album as being about "infatuation, attraction and the fever f falling headfirst back into the pit" and it sets the tone for a drama and vitality that the band sustain across the 10 exhilarating tracks. <Bloodsport> is still bleeding pretty good.

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