Goodskin Labs @ CIRCLEPLEX-2™

GoodSkin Labs introduces the  Circleplex-2 Dark Circle Specialist for Eyes to combat dark circles, around the clock. This day/night 24-hour repair system immediately brightens the appearance of dark circles, while reducing their appearance over time. Skin behaves differently in the day and at night, it puts up a protective shield during the day, mainly due to sun exposure, and regenerates during the night.  In order to transform the skin, products must work with the body’s natural rhythm. This is even more important for the delicate skin around the eye. The dual day and night Circleplex-2 formulas have been optimized to work with skin’s natural rhythm to combat the appearance of dark circles. This powerful regimen infuses the skin with vital moisture and peptides to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and combat signs of aging. Paired together in one convenient side-by-side package, Circleplex-2 promises to fight the look of dark circles day and night for younger looking eyes instantly and over time. 

<The color-correcting day cream> 
A lightweight, yet moisturizing hybrid formula offering coverage and treatment.  Featuring LumaBrightTM, a unique blend of soft focus optics, mica and pigments instantly brighten the eye area.

<The high performance night cream> 
A moisture-rich, soothing balm, infusing skin with intense hydration. The dark-circle-minimizing Fresh Effects Brightening Complex, a blend of Prunus Mume Fruit extract, Phytosphingosine and Yeast Extract work to repair, rebuild, and renew the look of the eye area.