TOD'S @ Sartorial Touch

 TOD’S <SARTORIAL TOUCH> is an expression that tells the Tod's craftsmanship soul and high quality. This technique of colouring leather comes from many little secrets developed through the dignity of two generations of workers who have used and treated the best leathers in the world with love and extraordinary skill. 
To distinguish this exclusive and unique result, all products created using this hand-made technique will be branded <J.P. TOD'S> , a name which as everyone remembers is the trademark that dates back to the origins of the brand.
The Sartorial floor of Palazzo Tod's in Milan's via Della Spiga is a special and innovative space, dedicated to men who love quality and unique craftsmanship. The warm and cosy atmosphere is reminiscent of an exclusive and modern club where it is possible to enjoy exquisite whisky blends in total relaxation, while spending time with friends.

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