Monsters University

<Monster University> is one of the well made prequel out of so many were done in other genre. It definitely created a lot of fun for going back to school especially to learn how to scare for only one reason because they care. The buddy-friendship between Mike (Billy Crystals) & Sullivan (John Goodman) returned to greatness with more sparks by showing how much they care to make things work not only for their teammates but also to the audiences. That is what Pixer sell best beside it flawless animation and irresistible yet nifty characters creation, the thoughtful and funny family entertainment are always considered. Another add on highlight for this film is Dean Hardscrabble (Helen Mirren), her glorious appearance fierce every scene she made. You may say the film is rather bland but a funny and furry film like this are made for ageless group of audience and yet to experience the horrors of tertiary education. It is the kind of movie that is straight forward and relax. Pixer reunited the Monsters before the recruitment in Monsters, Inc. after nearly 13 years since <Monsters, Inc.> was created and made with continuous laughter, care and share, that's what the worlds need now. 

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