Le Refuge InterContinental Mzaar - A Taste of Mzaar To Remember

Tucked away in the Lebanon mountains at the Mzaar InterContinental Ski Resort, Le Refuge restaurant is not only the resort’s all-day-dining restaurant for a après-ski bites but is also known for its authentic serve of Lebanese cuisine with most produce directly delivered from the nearby villages. Mylifestylenews writes.

Le Refuge sits on the upper level of the resort with big windows which draw the natural sun light and overlooking one of the best ski slopes in Lebanon as well as the Middle East region. The spacious outdoor sun deck area can sit up to 200 people and serves even more than 600 patrons when the winter season begins while watching the skiing activities and actions with the direct view of the snowy mountain. Wood Log walls infused the chalet motifs with the earth tone color to create a homey feel to the interior in this casual dining restaurant.

Lebanese love their food and so do we. But they are real “snackers”. Mezza platters are commonly served at home with a variety of cold snacks but in Le Refuge, each individual mezza comes in a small plate ranging from the cold mezza like Hummus, Moutabal, Warak Enab, Habra Nayeh & Kebbe Nayeh, Moujadara, Tabbouleh, Fattoush, Lahneh, Betrave, Chmandar, Olive & Pickles, marinated Artichoke Hearts, Pita Wedges, Lebanese Bread, sun dried tomatoes, Chanklish, Soujouk, Batrakh – an Egyptian influenced thinly sliced fish, smoked, dried and served with garlic - to hot mezza like fried Kebbe, Sambousek, Chicken Liver, Kawarma Beid, Makanek and so forth.

The uniqueness of the Mzaar region lies in its outdoor splendors and indoor warm. Located in Kfardebiane, one of Lebanon’s leading agricultural areas for apples and vegetables, Kfaedebiane products are famous for being the best in Lebanon and sold all over the country and the Middle East. Some fruits harvested in spring and summer are conserved for winter consumption as dried fruits, jams and compotes. The region produces 10,000 tons of fruits and 1,000 tones of vegetables each year. Hence, Le Refuge receives the freshest harvest from the nearby villages and is brought to your table at once. It is not only to reduce carbon foot print but also help to boast the local economy by having the best produce and ingredient that turns into the best and most authentic gastronomy from its own region.

With a minimum of 15 cold mezza or more to some restaurants is quite an unusual start even before the main course is served. Of course, these are to share among others on the table and chat over with Arak - Lebanon’s national alcoholic drink, distilled with anis seed. Mixed with water, it turns white. The best araks are intense cloudy white and have a sweet aroma. They are best appreciated with Lebanese mezza platters.But to some it is rather extravagant for just the appetizers to start the evening meal. Such a feast to begin that can easily feast the whole troops of an army. There is no doubt that Lebanese food is the highlight in Le Refuge and they certainly do know how to indulge themselves.

Our main course came with mixed grill and barbeque platters, chicken, beef and lamb kebabs and barbeque chicken breast are cooked to everyone’s liking. Usually they are more on the dry side but the F&B team here has the know how to pamper you. If Lebanese food was too much of a selection for you, try their cheesy French Onion soup and the grilled giant prawn risotto which are also another delightful mood food. For a further alternative, the cheese fondue is also not to be missed and can be arranged to be served at the Resort’s lobby lounge area next to a warm fire place for dinner.

French Onion Soup

Grilled Giant Prawn Risotto

The Cheese fondue can be arranged and served at the hotel lobby lounge by the fire place.

If a Kanafeh syrup soaked cheese pastry is too rich for you, a Raha Baskout cheese and biscuit platter is best to share and a few more araks or the Arabic coffee would help to serve as a digestive drink to end the evening. For a meal like this, it is best to have a good company to share it and cheer up the evening for a great Lebanese treat to remember.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 3.5/5
Service: 5/5
Food & Beverage: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 5/5

The Lebanese hospitality

Ouyoun El Simane,
Kfardebiane P.O. Box 30
Reyfoun, Mzaar
Tel: +961 9 340 100

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