sacai AW2017/18 Women's Collection

sacai AW2017/18 Women Collection
A day in the life - The archetype pieces and details of a woman’s wardrobe, from morning to night and for every eventuality. Since the beginning, Chitose Abe’s vision for sacai has been to create a platform for self-expression, that challenges conventions.

Abe explores her underlying philosophy of ‘wear what you want, when you want and how you want’, mixing workwear with day-wear with evening-wear with sleepwear.

Pyjamas become a suit. The embroidery of a day dress is transposed onto an MA-1 jacket. The sporty utility of a ski jacket silhouette is spliced with the traditional formality of tweed.

 A utility pant silhouette morphs into the tailored elegance of tweed trousers and skirts, its zips left open to create a new couture-like proportion. A ski sweater becomes a decorative, bejewelled precious piece, while a snowboard funnel jacket collar is spliced with pleated chiffon to make a day dress.

Continuing a signature house theme that melds couture shapes with a street attitude, the turned back cuff on a peacoat / MA1 hybrid suggests a new silhouette, with an elegant, refined swagger reminiscent of another time. Flannel shirt plaids from the country are re-appropriated as pleated chiffon evening gowns, while the utility pockets of classic wax jacket transpose to a lady-like cape, mixed up with a military inspired lining.

Inspires a cross pollination of embroidery, shaggy shearling and militDown jackets take on a new form, cross pollinated with the tactile luxury of shearling, while the humour of faux fur meets the functional warmth of a air-light down lining. ‘Day In A Life’ parka ary.

Denim, the original canvas, takes on a new role, spliced in to dresses or with lace to make an apron. Levi's® Type II Trucker Jacket and 505™ jeans take on new street couture proportions.

The season’s new bags - a garden recycling inspired tote and a vanity case bag. Introducing four new sunglass styles, in collaboration with Linda Farrow.

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