PRADA AW2017/18 Women's Collection

PRADA AW2017/18 Women's Collection
The fashion show gets back to basics, by presenting a collection that expresses the need for a simple and human style of a “nonconformist” man.

The show space also reflects this need for sobriety and for a return to reality: a domestic setting created through the use of a continuous dividing wall that separates the space into a series of consecutive sets, for a new feeling of intimacy.

Significant the research that goes into the individual pieces of clothing, designed to communicate truth, reality and humanity: the first look presents beige corduroy pants, an azure shirt and a V-neck sweater in gray tones.

Poetic and wild qualities are visible through picturesque and slightly abstract landscapes, the expression of a modest and naïve art. Simplicity is an acceptance of human weaknesses which have value and represents a rebellion against everything and everyone.

The silhouette is mostly long and narrow. The fabrics are very specific, corduroy, leather and tweed dominate. For the knits angora predominates. There are plenty of accessories: leather and fur berets and belts as well as thick hand-knit scarves and pendants made of shells or wood with a naturalistic and primitive look.

The footwear is rich and imaginative; the pony hair and shearling ankle boots are noteworthy. The outfits dedicated to women offer a more complex and, at the same time, more decorative and fun style than the men’s ones. In the background, an electronic reinterpretation of a rediscovered classical music.

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