BOSS AW2017/18 Menswear Collection

 With a collection designed for the global traveller and focused on the fundamental elements of the brand, the BOSS Menswear show presents a man prepared for everything and ready to take on the world. Adventures and explorers provide the direct inspiration: those who voyage across the world and rely on performance and functionality. This approach, informed by a nautical influence, is combined with key foundations of BOSS Menswear precise cuts and construction, and a love of detail to create a collection that’s primed for the modern traveller.

Tailoring sits at the heart of the collection. Each look is grounded with precision cuts and expert construction: the starting point of BOSS Menswear. Wider silhouettes based on BOSS suiting from the 80s and 90s are mixed with slimmer, modern cuts, and long and short designs are mixed together.

The contrast in each look – heavy, dense wool with lightweight nylon, precise suits under practical parkas emphasises an attitude to dressing that’s modern and exemplifies what BOSS does best.

A maritime influence is found in design and detail. Pea coats and duffels are cut from heavyweight cloths and secured with buckled straps and chunky fastenings, while hardware reflects nautical equipment.

Innovative fabrics reinforce this theme, with boiled wool and bonded leather and cotton providing protection from the elements while also creating oversized shapes that feel new. Fisherman-style knitwear is crafted in generously chunky constructions, and zipped closed with functional ring pulls, providing a practical, masculine look.

The story continues with the construction of the garments. Many pieces have sealed seams for protection, while specialist equipment has been used to sew the heavier fabrics to create truly sturdy outerwear.

Colours are precise and masculine: off-white, burgundy and olive green tones sit against grey and navy shades. The same slant is taken with accessories, where sturdy leather shoes are reinforced with substantial rubber soles, and bags come in practical shapes based on holdalls and sailor’s duffels.

In keeping with BOSS’s considered approach, each piece in this bespoke collection is perfectly fitted to the model who wears it. Every item of outerwear has the model’s name sewn into the collar, reflecting this personalised approach.

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