Hermès Furnishing Fabrics & Wallpapers

Furnishing fabrics and wallpapers hold a unique place in the collections for the home. Rhythm and colour, brightness and radiance. They open up new horizons, whether inspired by the historical designs of Hermès or initiating new graphic languages. Favoured instruments for storytelling, they are a canvas for chromatic variations and digressions of the imagination. They bring a touch of lightness and freedom to the collections. A playground for lines and images, the wallpaper retains traces of the act, tiny vibrations of the brush or print block. The weave, in turn, is an alchemy perpetually reinvented. Cottons, wools, silk failles – each material has its own feel, hang, and use. Structuring the space around them, fabrics and wallpapers are an invitation to play on different scales, and to introduce new perspectives into the home.

Les Carreaux
Created by Italian illustrator Gianpaolo Pagni, this design celebrates the universe of childhood and building block toys. Its vertical and horizontal lines form a structure in bold, naïve colours. Squares in crayon colours.

Made using a single, continuously applied stamp, this design by Gianpaolo Pagni evokes the patina of a ribbed fabric. Wallpaper is a medium naturally suited to the artist’s technique, paper being his preferred material.

Mille Jeux
Counters, dice, cubes and horses, not to mention the boxes to store them in… This wallpaper appears to transform into a board game table. Bright colours for joyous disarray.

Les Cabanes
In this freehand composition in ink, architect and illustrator Nigel Peake has designed a multitude of coloured huts. Perfect places for children to play and hide.

Gianpaolo Pagni designed this composition using a stamp in the shape of an H. This graphic symbol borrowed from the alphabet is repeated over and again to create the appearance of a brick wall.

Bursting with rhythm and resonance, Partition by Gianpaolo Pagni is the background for Clic clac quadrillé. The design’s stripes are inspired by musical staves. This reversible jacquard plays on the synergy of its two sides.

Rubans broderie
For this design, Gianpaolo Pagni has formed ribbons with two stamps which he has used together and applied to construct a labyrinth of letters. They form the word “Hermès” in capital letters. This first embroidered wool twill fabric echoes the composition of the saddle stitch.

Designed by Gianpaolo Pagni, this brick construction formed with stamped Hs gives the illusion of a textured fabric. Wool jacquard can be used on the positive or the negative, abolishing the notion of right and wrong sides.

Clic clac quadrillé
This composition on a spectacular scale is the fruit of the encounter between two designs: Clic clac by Julie Abadie, a scarf from 1979 reduced to its essence, and a stamped-effect grid pattern by Gianpaolo Pagni. Each pattern is two-toned, with the superimposed whites delicately revealing the composition of the fabric, printed on silk faille.

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