DC Justice League x Dorian Ho Fashion Collection Pop-Up Store at ELEMENTS

DC movie Justice League has recently hit movie theaters in Hong Kong, where the greatest superheroes Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, The Flash, Aqua man and Cyborg join forces to fight for justice. Brands United Limited and fashion designer Dorian Ho,are in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Production behalf of DC Entertainment to unveil the first ever“DC Justice League x Dorian Ho”fashion collection, letting all heroism enthusiasts to experience the DC superhero-inspired outfits and accessories.

The theme of the ELEMENTS Pop-up Store features a sleek and dark design, with its cleanliness and stylish settings.The metallic silver and grey display hangers help to emphasize and highlights the colorful and rich texture of its fashion items. With the mesmerizing electric lights at the Pop-Up Store enhancing every piece of the design, it brings out the unique style of the collection, adding an element of surprise with the alluring lights effects.

The Batman collection combines the iconic Batman logo and the black color tone as the key design. The gold embellishments symbolize and outline the bat shape, and the different materials and textures further depict a tone-on-tone style mirroring the signature Batman costume, it increases the layering element of the outfit. One of the zip-up jacket uses sequin and snake-print as the main material on the shoulders area to brighten up the dark design, aligning with the gold-threaded embroidery to create the lines of the bat shape.

The accessories collection especially tailors for parents and their beloved child that it launches two sizes of the backpack, ensuring both adults and children can match their outfit. The design of the backpack remains its distinctive sleek Batman theme while feature a leather made bat ears. Other accessories from the collection also include tote bag, clutch, slides and socks, offering various options for every individuals.

Inspired by the classic Wonder Woman red and blue color theme costume, this collection incorporates the symbolic star logo as its main design element on the tracksuit, tunic, pullovers and hoodies etc., covering for different occasions of its customers. With the use of the popular“W” logo and the iconic crimson red and navy blue colors in certain outfits, this series surely captivate the hearts of its super fans.

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