Tiffany Introduces A New Home & Accessories Collection

 This collection is Tiffany’s take on modern life, where we look at luxury through a new lens by infusing the finest materials with creativity and wit. We believe in living with beautiful things every day, not just on special occasions, and that when we design with intelligence, utility and craftsmanship, even the simplest rituals take on new meaning. Every piece in the collection is a unique, artisanal object that blends form, function and quality to create easy, effortless style. Luxury shouldn’t be something precious that you put on a shelf and take out only on special occasions.

Block Party
Color block collection with cactus

Sterling silver first aid box with cotton balls

Sterling silver paper cup with cookie

Wool and cashmere blanket with fruit

Tiffany Leather interoffice envelope and sterling silver paperclip bookmark

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