45R Winter 2017 Happy Marine Craft Collection

45R introduces a new logo design for its 40th anniversary in 2018, it is a declaration of "renewal" to grow and evolve continuously with higher wearability and introduction of unisex range that fits metropolitan needs, whilst to preserve in upholding originality in their toots.

Mountain and sea are always the inspiration of 45R. Inspired by the scenic Winter Ocean, the ever-changing shades of blue, signature indigo dye and denim are widely seen across the collection, to give rise to the story of 45R and the sea. Designer incorporates various traditional craftsmanship and techniques into minimal yet sophisticated designs to outline the sea and its movement. A collection to convey the love towards sea and philosophy on evolving with originality - preserve best bits of traditional culture, craftsmanship and vintage aesthetics.

The scenic winter ocean comprises of signature indigo dye and denim, diverse shades of blue, and different lines and forms that belong to the sea. Crafted with soft merino wool, the MOKUMOKU TWEED STRIPE series employs loose weave of threads in various shades of blue and brown to create delicate tweed patterns of color-blocking stripes. The sophisticated vintage style is reinforced with double-breasted and belt designs.

Drawing inspiration from retro blankets, the INDIGO QUILTING series recreate the inspired quilt pattern while adorning the hems with quilted zigzags pattern to illustrate movement of sea waves. The unique hue of indigo dye pervades the design with a hint of nostalgia. Featuring a vibrant array of sailing elements, including anchors, knots and steering wheels, the INDIGO MIX PRINT knitwear series utilises ribbed trims in stripes of blue and white to create sporty marine chic. Habutai (which means "two layers of feathers") is one-of-kind silk fabric woven with traditional Japanese technique. The lustrous Habutai takes exquisite craftsmanship for its refined texture whilst remains as feathery light in weight. The Al INDIAN SILK FRILLS is crafted with hand dyed Ai Indigo Habutai, with layers of frills in 3 different shades of blue to resemble the wavy motion of a stormy sea.

In the East and the West, traditional craftsmanship from around the world converge, offering gifts and blessings from teh sea that truly warms one's hearts Various tarns are delicately interwoven together with metallic yarn into Scottish Tartan Check Pattern by craftsmen in Iwate Prefecture in Japan. The GLITTER TARTAN TWEED brims with luscious festive vibe as the glittery tweed catches the light. As its name suggests, the HAPPY 14 TWEED PONCO is light-weight and warm poncho crafted with 14 colors of plain and heater yarns into colorful tartan pattern using rare professional weaving machine. The asymmetric poncho comes with raw finishing hem for a relaxed folk flair.

A fine selection of wool, linen and paper yarns in varied thickness and colors are woven on handlooms dedicated by craftsmen, to craft into the light-texture CRAFT HOMESPUN TWEED range. Comes with a novel placket design, and the rich textured layers of colors comparable to paintings, every piece offers an exquisite artisan flair. In bold and refreshing prints and colors the LIGHT MALL FLOWER HERRINGBONE PRINT collection. This season employs discharge dyeing techniques to create fusion of herringbone and floral print.

Knitwear is must-have styling item this season. Versatile range available in different fabrications to for fot the unpredictable winter weather, pick your perfect piece from plain colored to seasonal graphic.

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