Tsarevna - Kusmi Tea Limited Edition Christmas Tea

In the heart of Imperial Russia, the daughters of the Tsars – the Tsarevnas – went to the Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg, the historic cradle of Kusmi Tea, to decorate an immense Christmas tree. Inspired by these festive traditions and the majestic setting of its birthplace, Kusmi Tea is reconnecting with its roots to present, for the fourth consecutive year, its famous Christmas tea – Tsarevna . Saint Petersburg unveils the charms of its many palaces and royal residences adorned with gold and glittering crystal. This year, Tsarevna honours the city with shimmering, gilded packaging. The majesty of the city’s baroque architecture decorates the outline of this new limited edition Christmas box. This sumptuous, gold-clad case calls to mind the jewel boxes where the Russian princesses kept their most precious treasures and revives the memory of a noble and exhilarating era. With its zesty and gourmet taste, Tsarevna offers a delicious winter blend with a Slavic touch. Aromas of orange, vanilla and almond bring sweet fullness to a base of spiced black tea. The blend is enhanced with a touch of naturally sweet liquorice. Tsarevna has become an unmissable tradition. It is the perfect gift with its delicate, limited edition case and is ideal for enjoying as a delicious treat in the heart of winter. Tsarevna will enchant brand’s enthusiasts and aficionados of flavoured teas.

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