L'IDIOT RESTAURANT - Dine Like A Happy Idiot

’IDIOT - Such a bold and crazy name was picked for a Continental style restaurant serving one of the best steaks in Taipei is rather idiotic yet the brains behind the brand want you to let go of all your troubles, be happy and carefree, laugh blithely in the characteristic space while indulging in its gastronomy for a fun filled time get together. mylifestylenews writes.

“L’IDIOT” means “Idiot” in French and it translates as a burro or donkey in Chinese for its restaurant title mainly for the animal carefree characters wanting its guests to have a great time the moment they step into the restaurant and of course to dine like a happy “Idiot”. Naturally we were intrigued by such a concept and just had to find out what this eponymous restaurant set within the very special design boutique Hotel Proverbs has to offer.

L’IDIOT Restaurant entrance is through the hotel main entrance and is situated off the lobby on the street level. The European baroque-ish influenced style bistronomique eatery occupies one end of the ground floor that is easily seen through the floor to ceiling windows from the street and has a very chic persona from the outside looking in. This is also verified when you enter off the main lobby past the temperature controlled meat room at the restaurant entrance and the open fire kitchen to the right, as the interiors are very striking: the use of a lot of mirrored tiles for the ceiling to give the impression of a vast space, multiple chandeliers hanging amidst these reflections, lightly brighten the deliberately dimmed ambience from its already overall dark tone setting especially when you choose to dine for dinner. So there is a sense of grandeur in the dining room with a class of its own.

The interior is interestingly a contradiction to the eight large size chandeliers hanging from atop of a soaring triplex ceiling creating a splendour of ostentation and extravagance embossed in a European castle-like dining ambience yet in a very friendly and casual manner. The tabletop settings are simple but nicely done and we never felt that anything was out of place and the luxury of space between tables are well allocated to ensure privacy and exclusivity, so you never felt hemmed in and with the large windows that has created even more space and provided a sense of grandeur beyond the chandeliers, this is an added bonus.

The sophisticated interior is well contrasted with the black cast iron tables, iron and wood partitions free standing along the window tables and then normal wooden table tops throughout the rest of the dining room reminiscent of a country cattle stable, all sitting on rustic mosaic tiles that reference the Mediterranean. Romantic yet playful and it may sound too much for Everything Everywhere All At Once but this eclectic style is a winner and makes you feel that you are in a special place.

Seasonal produce and ingredients are used in L’IDIOT Restaurant highlighting a support to the local farming business and supplemented by the carbon grill JOSPER oven baking technology to ensure the aroma of the char-grilled is completely sealed in the oven and fully brings out the flavour of the meat. The wood used for smoking is made of white oak barrel wood chips and is soaked in the well-known bourbon whiskey distillery "JACK DANIEL'S" before it is placed in the pressure oven. If meat and a steak night out is what you after, L’IDIOT Restaurant has its very own way to delight your palate.

<Garden Salad>

A light and refreshing palate to start off with the garden salad and it goes beyond the norm. The combination of fresh dragon fruit, avocado, beetroot, kiwi, tomato well mixed and tossed with macadamia and cashew nuts topped with shredded parmesan cheese was a real delight and well accompanied by the homemade soft brioche bread.

<Grilled Tomahawk Pork 26oz & Vegetables, Pesto Butter>
While the highlight of dining here is to enjoy their premium cut of meat, the large size of Tomahawk pork will definitely satisfy your hunger and came in a lovely flavor. Despite it was a little bit overcooked in the centre, it was enjoyable nonetheless with the light pesto butter to enhance the palate. It came with a generous amount of farm vegetables that was equally delicious and great value. This is well paired by a great bottle of 2020 Rhône by Roger Sabon from Côte du Rhône of its natural charming character of Grenache silky, elegant, savoury and a long and chewy finish is the best partner-in-crime with the supreme meat.

L’IDIOT Homemade Herb Rubbed U.S. Ribeye 16oz>
Being one of the house signature must-orders, this 16oz superb cut of meat was thick, juicy and tender. The steak is grilled in a 400-degree JOSPER oven with a little charcoal fire and the water vapor makes the wood's elegant fragrance more completely released with a bourbon whiskey aftertaste. The flavor and texture was just perfect and we couldn’t resist finishing every morsel.

<Truffle Maple Pork Chop>
Sensational! This locally produced bone-in pork loin pork chop was tender. The juicy meat is served with the mix of truffle and subtle maple syrup, slowly pan-fried apples, mashed apple and mashed potato to balance the taste buds and is a perfect accompaniment.

Do we have room for dessert with that amount of très délicieux meats to enjoy? We had to politely decline the sweet offer in order to let us remember the delightful and satisfying roof of the mouth. The entire dining experience was extremely enjoyable and the service was spot on. Abby, our cheerful server was very engaging, professional and had a great presence and product knowledge of the menu and wine. It was a truly palatable dining experience and we left with some contented memories to share and as the saying goes : Be Happy and Dine like a happy “Idiot”.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverages: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 4.5/5

56, Sec 1, Da'a an Road,
Da'an District,
Taipei City, Taiwan
Tel: +886 903 393 008

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