LOEWE @ Tales of Spain : A Casual & Young Collection

Since Stuart Vevers became Loewe’s Creative director in 2009 his work has been guided by two standards: a respect for the brand’s artisan tradition and a taste for celebrating its Spanish origins. The project ‘Tales Of Spain’ integrates these standards. Loewe’s artisan tradition in the treatment of leather is present on the bags and small leather goods in this collection. A deep knowledge of leather is necessary to obtain a perfect multicoloured print without the skin losing its defining consistency and texture. The softness, sensuality and lightness of Loewe’s leathers are a gift to the touch.
The same can be said of its silks. With Stuart Vevers, the Spanish culture has regained its role in Loewe’s silk. ‘Mantón de Manila’ (Manila Shawl), ‘Mariposas Españolas’ (Spanish Butterflies) and ‘Barroco’ (Baroque) were three lines retrieved from the house archives from the 1970s and 1980s and successfully reinterpreted in past seasons. Now the three come together in a series of prints that are combined in a wide range of products.
The ‘Mantón de Manila’, a richly patterned hand-embroidered shawl, dates from the 18th century and is one of the few items of that period that remains a part of the Spanish woman’s wardrobe. Its motifs, primarily birds and flowers, have been transferred, first to the prints of the scarves from the ‘Tales Of Spain’ collection, and later to other articles. This pattern coexists and is often combined, even in the same article with the also historic ‘Barroco’ and ‘Mariposas’ prints.
The ‘Mariposas’ (Butterflies), which became a motif of Loewe’s scarves in the 80s, abound in Spain thanks to its mild climate, long summers and rich flora. For centuries the multiple shades of their wings have inspired both artists and designers. Loewe has also found inspiration in this delicate insect, incorporating it to the prints of the new collection ‘Tales of Spain’. Baroque flourished in Spain with the work of artists like Velázquez, Zurbarán, Ribera, or Murillo. For decades now Loewe has been celebrating Spain’s Baroque heritage, immortalizing its sensuous and undulating shapes in scarves. Baroque motifs have also found their place in this collection.
The ‘Tales of Spain’ collection features printed scarves with the brand’s iconic prints, handbags of various shapes and sizes (a tote, a shoulder bag and several pouches), bag charms, belts and bracelets. All leather articles are printed with the above-mentioned motifs but made new by attractive colour combinations. It also includes a sweatshirt with the classic Loewe monogram, sunglasses, nail stickers, temporary tattoos… unexpected gadgets that are a playful nod to the brand’s more classic values.

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