Roberto Cavalli @ SS2013 Men Collection

Roberto Cavalli SS2013 men collection nature is glorified by new technologies, which allow us to discover its secrets, learn about them and admire them. In his continuous quest, Roberto Cavalli chose the butterfly as a symbol of “transformation”. Metaphor of change, ideal of beauty, lightness, but also of solidity, elegance and classicism. Representing a man whose joie de vivre radiates at the same time an eccentric and classic masculinity. The change starts from the jacket, the emblem of male fashion. Based on the sartorial tradition, and finding a new refinement in the cut and in the shapes, which embrace and dignify the structure of the body, highlighting its elegance and sensuality. Squared and bold shoulders, soft lightness on the waist. A sophisticated and sharp allure, but at the same time extremely comfortable. The trousers are straight and tight. As a whole a “triangular” architecture is drawn, sharp and fugacious, which finds its completion on the tip of a laminated leather boot. A virile glamour, anatomical and geometrical, which lengthens and slenders the silhouette.
The nocturnal shades of grape, petrol and grafite, create a mysterious atmosphere, as a lush garden during a hot summer night, illuminated by touches of light created by the ‘moustique’ and ‘absinthe’ colors. Cold tones of ice, arctic and wisteria broken up with flashes of light from pearl embroideries o prints on a silk base. Electric contrasts, come to life as small accents in details and finishes, until reaching true explosions through the laminated leather jackets or all over beaded blazers. Light is always protagonist, from the most traditional of summer textiles to impalpable cachemire and silk, tridimensional jacquards or soft Indian suede, a true hymn to a luxurious lightness. 
 The prints reveal truly unique subjects. The scales that compose butterfly wings, for example, natural “pixels”, which create sophisticated anatomies, or the graphics, true geometrical artworks  which enclose an ironic symbology all left to be discovered. Great craftsmanship in leather manufacture: natural python or treated to give it a shimmer effect, laminated nappa leather, suede nappa patch edged in laminated leather for jackets, trousers and ankle boots. The look is completed by long silk scarves, wrapped around the neck, or showed underneath the shirts and the collars of the jackets, which draw the collection prints. The catwalk hosts a cage containing 500 butterflies, coming from Italian breeding and compatible with the Italian ecosystem, lit up by ultraviolet lights that enhance the intense color of the wings. Large videowalls envelop the audience, immersing it in a surreal dimension through footages which describes flowers which bloom in succession, following the music notes. 

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