KENZOHOMME Fragrance @ Sport Extreme

KENZOHOMME SPORT was launched in 2011. It enriched the fresh marine world of the original KENZOHOMME line with a fresh and tonic fragrance founded on a more ethereal and vegetal universe. The new KENZOHOMME SPORT EXTREME creation stretches this approach to the « extreme » by showcasing a man who is completely relaxed, virile and sure of himself. Consequently, in this fragrance, the freshness, characteristic of  this fragrance is exaggerated. The idea was to magnify the freshness by giving it a new olfactory dimension in this new creation. It is  with more natural freshness: iced mint, lemon enriched with bergamot and rosemary. To prolong the sensation of freshness throughout the note, black pepper are used for its sharp edge and a tonic marine accord for an enlivening effect. In perfumery, the term « sport » is synonymous with freshness. These fresh notes can be expressed in different ways, through citrus or aqueous notes, but also with an « astringent » edge that wakes you up and gives you peps. Grapefruits are used which is a fresh, slightly bitter, and crispy note. The mint and ginger notes also used in the composition magnify the fresh, dynamic side of fragrance. This extreme freshness comes through Bergamot, Lemon, Rosemary, Petitgrain and mainly the originality of Hivernal. Everyone has a different approach to sport. I practiced a lot of sport and for me, it was first and foremost a matter of keeping fit, as well as a good way to release energy.

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