After Earth

HMMMM.....what can we say for Will Smith trying so hard to push his son Jaden Smith to the giant screen since <The Pursuits of Happyness>,< The Karate Kid> and now <After Earth>. The eager was there for sure but can Smith Jr. manage it himself and wins the audience heart by going solo and being the lead cast in such blockbuster wannabe film? The best is yet to come for Junior and need more practice in real acting. Besides, this time around teaming with the goner director M. Night Shyamalan who has certainly past his prime (even some of his fans still tolerating and waiting for his real shocking come back but only disappointment one after another) doesn't really make this work....again but manage to transform some of his thriller suspense into an unknown after earth where we all used to live and now being destroyed, evacuated and quarantined. On the consolation side, at least for the very first time, Shyamalan didn't write the story and direct it from someone else's script. Expecting more twist over a twist in most Shyamalan's film and you won't really get one from <After Earth> but the survival planet that human live in now is our earth or to be precise After Earth. Not too chintzy, we hope! Shall Shyamalan deserve another chance?, You call.

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