<Momentum> is the 6th studio album for singer/songwriter Jamie Cullum of his jazz-influenced stylistically creation. This time around, there are heavily pop styled for a more commercial sound. Working with a variety of instruments from the vintage keyboard to a more upbeat sonic, evolving with momentum. Cullum's eminent vocal still the highlight for the pop songcraft as most of which the wrote himself. At least the variety set found the balance in between jazz and pop for his jazz credentials. Fans of Cullum might have some doubts as to precisely who he is, has Cullum completely dropped his jazz roots? <Momentum> still delivers a few alternate jazz in a few tracks and it is also an exercise for Cullum in trying different clothes with good picks. Somehow, Cullum aping the sounds of others and less original, with a little bit of Bruno Mars, a little of Micheal Bubble diverse in new compositions and yet it is still very much a listenable album. 
In any case, the evolution card certainly had played to its perfection. With smart lyrics, catchy beats and perfect pacing, <Momentum> is still a significant album that good enough to put on your dancing shoe in this summer to get them up and moving. The kind of stylistic pluralism and the cheeky-chappy charm in Cullum song writing may get you play all year. 

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