Zing @ Shu Uemura 30th Anniversary

 shu uemura continues to build a connection between art and beauty through its collaborations with top-notch artists. Together, shu uemura and selected artists create limited edition collections that redefine the "art of beauty". This year, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the brand’s first boutique at Omotesando, Tokyo, shu uemura has invited Asia’s leading stylist and make-up artist Zing to create 8 remarkable looks with ideas that “inherit” and “innovate”.
Zing for shu uemura 30th anniversary pop up gallery showcases the 8 new classic looks created by Zing himself and a variety of shu uemura classics.. “It’s been almost 30 years since I joined the beauty industry. I’m so happy and excited that I am given this opportunity to work with this long-established and robust brand in their 30th anniversary campaign. I have always been admiring the brand shu uemura. As a brand for professional makeup artists, it is unfalteringly dedicated to quality. It’s really hard to strike balance between being professional and being popular. Some of the new makeup styles for the campaign are inspired by Mr. Shu Uemura’s classic creations, based on my impression and understanding of the brand. Using the latest ‘eye-conic’ anniversary limited edition collection and new elements of my own making, I set out to pay homage to Mr. Shu Uemura through two creative forces – that is to ‘inherit’ and to ‘innovate. The shooting was impressive because the spirited team demonstrated utmost professionalism despite the tight schedule.” Commented Zing.
When asked about his favorite look, Zing said: “I was given a challenging task and I’m glad that all the 8 resultant new looks turn out satisfactory. I am particularly excited about paying homage to Mr. Shu Uemura’s classic designs and philosophy by reinterpreting shu uemura’s glamour in a bold and innovative way. I like ‘S.H.U.’ with the geisha base makeup presented by Zhou Dong Yu most.
 The colors of flowers and cosmetic hues are fused on the snowy face, which creates enchanting beauty that celebrates the legendary Japanese make-up brand. In my mind, shu uemura represents the blossoms of flowers and color infusion! I admire the dazzling colors of shu uemura’s pressed eye shadows, the mineral composition gives a smooth texture. The sheer and shiny colors produce a beautiful finish. The brand’s successful use of pearly glittering minerals gave birth to one of my original makeup concept."

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