PCCW-HKT Enhances 4G LTE Network To 150Mbps

 PCCW-HKT announced the enhancement of its 4G LTE network to 150Mbps, as well as its launch of Hong Kong’s first LTE CAT 4 smartphone. With an additional 5MHz of spectrum acquired through bidding earlier, PCCW-HKT can now roll out a total of 2 x 20MHz of spectrum at the 2600MHz band with a network specification of 150Mbps, the highest download specification currently achievable on a mobile device. 
PCCW-HKT is also pleased to introduce Huawei Ascend P2 LTE, the first 150Mbps enabled LTE CAT 4 smartphone in Hong Kong. Together with other new LTE CAT 4 devices such as a 150Mbps-enabled USB dongle (Huawei E3276s-150) and a 150Mbps-enabled Pocket Wi-Fi (Huawei E5776s-32), customers can experience a much faster and more steady mobile data performance.
 All PCCW-HKT 4G LTE customers will automatically enjoy the expanded 2 x 20MHz bandwidth at no additional charge. Even existing 4G LTE devices will see their download speed improve after the network upgrade.  In addition to the 2600MHz spectrum, PCCW-HKT has also re-farmed the 1800MHz spectrum for LTE to provide a unique dual band 4G LTE network with comprehensive coverage both outdoors and indoors. Supported by its own 1,000Mbps optical fiber terrestrial transmission network and complemented by its unlimited Wi-Fi service at over 12,000 hotspots throughout Hong KongPCCW-HKT’s 4G LTE network offers customers a true end-to-end high-speed mobile data experience.
To meet the very high data consumption needs of some customers, PCCW-HKT today also introduces an “Ultimate Mobility” service plan of 80GB of local mobile data usage at a monthly rate of HK$880.  Mr. Bruce Lam, Chief Marketing Officer of HKT’s Wireless Business, said, “Whether they are using the new LTE CAT 4 devices or existing 4G LTE devices, PCCW-HKT customers will be among the first to enter a beyond-4G era of unprecedented ultra-high-speed mobile broadband experience following our network enhancement.”

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