JUE YAO @ Tchaikovsky Mendelssohn Violin Concertos

After having high hopes that these artists would surprise me with their artistry for some unknowns, this recording is rather disappointing. To be honest, we are not familiar with Jue Yao despite her technique shows some merit on occasion. However, during some of the showpiece sections in the first movement of the Tchaikovsky, she does not always hit the right notes and one gets the impression that she and the conductor are not at one with the music. To add to this scenario, the orchestra is very ragged around the edges at times, to the point of sounding perfunctory. It is a shame that such recordings are being produced, when there is not a collective outcome to present something special. The slow movement fairs better, given the tempo gives the artists time to enjoy the line, but once things move up a level in the finale, intonation becomes a problem again. Any attempt at interpretation is lost with such average to poor musicianship. The Mendelssohn begins with a more impassioned opening from all concerned, but quickly lacks any striking voice of decisive interpretation. Jue Yao sounds at times like a student going through the motions of technical exercise.  

Reviewed by : Mark I.

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