SK-II Pitera™ @ The Craftsmanship of A Miracle

Over 30 years ago, researchers chanced upon the sight of aged sake brewers working on koji yeast with soft, youthful hands. That chance observation would inspire the discovery of SK-II’s Pitera™, a metabolic fluid derived naturally from the fermentation process of a unique strain of yeast. Through a perfectly controlled process that has remained unchanged over the years, that delicate balance of nutrients in every drop of Pitera™ is derived. Here are the six artisanal steps in crafting that precious ingredient, from the starting culture to every
bottle of Facial Treatment Essence.
  <Cultivating the Power of Pitera™> 
The chosen yeast strain from over 350 different types is cultivated in its precious form in a strictly controlled environment. The environment prevents any favorable bacteria growth from occurring to enhance the power of this rare ingredient.

<Enhancing the Culture> 
A precisely calculated culture solution is added to the yeast, providing “food” and nutrients and enhancing growth. As the yeast cells multiply, the yeast is eventually moved to the production chamber.
<Perfecting the Balance of Pitera™> 
In the chamber, the yeast is cultivated in a tank filled with a generous amount of culture solution. As the yeast absorbs the nutrients and multiplies, it diffuses precious elements that have beneficial impact to skin’s beauty - a metabolic fluid which comprises a delicate balance of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids.

<Refining the Solution> 
Upon completion of the fermentation process, the metabolic fluid is then intricately filtered to form the liquid concentrate of Pitera™.
<Revealing the Miracle> 
Water is then removed, giving birth to the powerful Pitera™.

<Encapsulating the Essence> 
Pitera™ is bottled with slight adjustments made to the final formula, giving birth to SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. Facial Treatment Essence is the only beauty essence with the highest concentration of Pitera™ at over 90 percent.

1 out of 350 Pitera™ is derived naturally from a rare yeast strain, 
out of over 350 di fferent kinds

1980  is the year in which the first bottle of 
SK-II Facial Treatment Essence made its debut

Pitera™ contains over 50
micro-nutrients essential for skin

Th ere are 6 steps to cra fting Pitera™, starting from the selection of
the rare yeast strain to the bottling of Facial Treatment Essence

SK-II, along with external research partners, has studied Pitera™’s functions
and benefits for over 35 years to uncover its secrets

Pitera™ is able to transform all 5 dimensions of texture, radiance, fi rmness, 
spot control and wrinkle resilience that control skin’s overall clarity

Over 80 women on a Pitera™ regimen* showed visible
improvements of up to 90% across the 5 dimensions of skin
within a year 

*with 3 products from each of
SK-II’s key Essential Care,
Anti-Ageing and Whitening
boutiques and sunscreen

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