MARINA RINALDI @ SS2013 Collection

MARINA RINALDI SS2013 Collection comes in 5 different themes. <Garden Chic> is a soft cloud of petals and flowers drifts through the MARINA RINALDI Spring-Summer collection. The inspiration for the new season blooms in a bright and vibrant colour palette, completed with delicate neutral shades and fresh pastel hues. A focused selection of sophisticated patterns and prints recalling the world of botany enhances the creative vision of beauty and a contagious joy dei vivre. Lit up by luminescent fabrics, lace plays a leading role with inserts at the hem of dresses and underskirts, or all over the most feminine suits. Details like precious jewel applications add an extra glamorous touch. Feminine silhouettes elegantly underline and enhance curves and necklines, or softly wrap around the body and shape through pleats, skillful draping and asymmetric cuts. Tailored day-suits and stunning evening gowns define the natural elegance of the MARINA RINALDI woman, who combines the cool allure of urban chic with sophisticated, highly glamorous looks in her wardrobe.
 Soft and practical, the <Piumino> Down Jcket is a glamorous item perfect for the spring season. High quality Siberian goose down enables the Piumino to be light, comfortable and functional, with warm colours including blue, yellow, coral and light pink.
 <Scrinium> is a journey to remote, exotic places is the source of inspiration for the summer season. Traditional tribal jewellery of ethnic groups is the leitmotif of this part of the collection. Like flowers catalogued in vintage herbal almanac, these treasures were kept in a Scrinium, a precious jewel box of the time. Taking a nomad journey as a starting point, the collection uses prints that reference all the sights and looks along the route from Syria to Mozambique.
<Herbarius> is botany, an unending source of creative inspiration like pages of a 19th century herbal almanac, floral and herbs appear on this special collection. Orchids, hydrangeas and poppies are depicted in a range of ensemble using pure silk crêpe de chine and stretch viscose,  combining with monochrome, dyed pants and jackets. Matching accessories complete each look: three different double silk scarf, a coloured belt, a necklace and a brooch in multicoloured micro-beads, expressing the floral themes. 
The <Denim Collection> teeming with a metropolitan spirit, blue and white are combined to great graphic effect and illuminated by flashes of silver, or paired with black leather. Khaki and spicy colours are blended together with exotic ethnic prints and micro-patterns, with cotton playing a leading role. Coloured, printed and over-dyed jeans are also worn with plain colour and printed t-shirts.

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