Imagine Dragons @ Night Visions

<Night Visions> by Imagine Dragons ~ a pseudonym, an anagram of their "real' name, known only to the band and their kin is unquestionable one of the best alternative rock album in the past decade. We are not really a rock music fan but this alternative rock band created some really great upbeat rock band sound and continue to catch our interest over and over again. The diversity of this debut album creates such delight in listening. The band produced the album itself with help from R&B and hip-hop producer Alexander Grant and this is the evident in the music as it appears that they had full creative freedom in making each song. The Las Vegas four-men's band consists Dan Reynolds (Vocal), Wayne Sermon (Guitar), Ben McKee (Bass) and Daniel Platman (Drum & Viola).
Personally, we love <Every Night> in the album, a slow upbeat with a very unique sound with a very minimalist nice guitar riff thrown in. A classic alternative pop-rock with a hint of romance in the lyrics " I'm coming home to you every night". Their monster hit <Radioactive> made a very strong intro and a grand entrance to the entire album and highlighting the power of the rock sound for a band. Don't judge the book but its cover as when the tracks develops, it has more to discover. This album has a complete lineup of hits and very well made and rarely have you to press the skip button. They delivered! And we look forward to their next full produce album in the not so far future.

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