MIKIMOTO @ 120th Anniversary Perpetuating Perfection With Pearls

 In 1893, Kokichi Mikimoto, founder of the company, produced the world’s first cultured pearl and was determined to grace the refined beauty of women with pearls. For 120 years, driven by its passion for lasting beauty, MIKIMOTO has been telling lyrical stories with luster pearls, each a miracle created by nature that best represents the graceful femininity of women.
 Celebrating this important year, MIKIMOTO proudly presents five masterpieces of the 120th Anniversary Collection, including a delicate necklace consisting of 120 pieces of 12mm South Sea pearls. Another necklace collection perfect for adorning daily looks and “A World of Creativity” Collection inspired by the power of water is also unveiled.
The truly original necklace with 120 pieces of 12mm South Sea pearls and the 4.2cm pendant paved with dazzling diamonds is elegant and sleek, portraying a future full of dreams and hopes. 
Water is the source of life. Inspired by this powerful element, “A World of Creativity” Collection perfectly blends the beauty of nature and the glamour of pearls. Cascading pearls and diamonds shine like the mysterious yet fascinating shooting stars. The chain adorned with pearls of the choker can serve as a link lock or pendant to complement different looks and moods.
A long strand of pearls is the perfect choice for a casual look or dressed up style. The exquisite bow adds a touch of gracious liveliness. Wear it as a single strand or double strands to showcase your unique personality.
MIKIMOTO’s catalogue “Pearl” recorded the history and culture of jewellery from the Meiji period to the Showa period, allowing collectors to have a better understanding of the classic styles and the design concepts. In 1923, the catalogue featured a pearl necklace for the first time. As celebrating the 120th anniversary of the invention of cultured pearls, MIKIMOTO revisits this classic piece and presents a modern interpretation to commemorate the key milestone. The exquisitely carved clasp and pearls arranged in size gradations manifest a timeless and harmonious beauty.

MIKIMOTO High Jewellery Collection (Rose Garden) Inspired by the romantic rose garden, lustrous South Sea black and golden cultured pearls are juxtaposed with sparkling diamonds, portraying the alluring beauty of roses in the most dazzling way. The White Bouquet uses the South Sea and Akoya pearls and diamonds set in different heights create a lively, structural design that celebrates the miraculous power of nature.

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