MONKI To Open Second Store in Tsuen Wan Plaza

MONKI's presence in Hong Kong is about to increase by one hundred percent, with the opening of the brand’s second store in the city. The new portal to the colourful and creative Monki World will open in Tsuen Wan Plaza on 25 July 2013. The new 183m² store will feature the most recent of Monki’s award-winning design concepts, The Sea of Scallops. “We’ve had an amazing response from our Hong Kong fans.They have really taken us to their hearts, and we can’t wait to show them even more of our world and our style! ” says Monki’s COO Lea Rytz Goldman. “ “We’re really proud of this vision of the Monki World,” says Monki Head of of Architecture, Catharina Frankander. “Our visitors will be invited to explore a secret underwater world, a magical landscape that is sure to get your imagination going. It won’t be like any store you’ve ever seen before!” On opening day, the first 100 customers to line up will receive a gift card worth 100HK$ to shop for!

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