Wellendorff Celebrates 120 Years of Perfection in The Art of Goldsmith

Wellendorff celebrates their 120th anniversary by demonstrating the grand tradition of genuine values with a unique seven-carat piece. The exclusive event included a musical performance that was in perfect harmony with the special exhibition of Wellendorff’s most valuable authentic artefacts as well as the 120th Anniversary Collection as a commemoration for the long standing jewellery manufacturer.
 Founded by Ernst-Alexander Wellendorff in 1893, it was his pioneering vision to craft perfect jewellery with everlasting values that has truly reflected the family tradition. Wellendorff’s philosophy is based on “Wahre Werte”, meaning Genuine Values, and as such, the third generation of the Wellendorff family, Mr. Hanspeter Wellendorff and Mrs. Eva Wellendorff, specially came to Hong Kong to share with guests a journey through time, back to the past, to the source and the roots of Genuine Values. 
 Shown for the very first time in Asia and demonstrating more than a century of genuine quality, feelings, joy and the highest standards and craftsmanship are the first Wellendorff spinning enamel ringsthe first Wellendorff rope, the longest Wellendorff rope, a complete set of annual rings manufactured every year since 1997. Alongside these beautiful and monumental pieces are delicate sketches of jewellery designs by the renowned jewellery house.
Wellendorff, jewellery-making is always about more than the outward allure of each piece; it is about creating sentimental and moving pieces crafted with true sentiments in mind. Tales and Genuine Feelings find precious expressions in jewellery by Wellendorff. A tiny engraved angel recalls the enchantment we can experience through love and genuine Joy. The impressive Anniversary Collection, ‘120 Years of Wellendorff’ sets consists of amulet, ring and earrings re-interprets the rounded and feminine amulet and seduces with the charm of two precious coloured stones: citrine and amethyst. The magic and the power attributed to these precious stones are a perfect reflection of the message of Wellendorff jewellery itself: ‘joy and protection’.
A seven-carat diamond that is impressive not only due to its fire and beauty but also due to the meaning and magic it is said to possess. This magical power perfectly matches the “consummate” number 7 underscoring the magic and expressiveness of the Necklace of Eternity with a flawless seven-carat diamond at its heart. It is regarded as a symbol for eternity and was originally reserved for monarchs. Shimmering in the feminine curves of an amulet and caressed by two ring-shaped jewelled elements opulently set in diamond pavé, the amulet sparkles in full splendour. Also part of the Anniversary Collection was the Amulet of Harmony and Amulet of Happiness with the Magic of Happiness and Magic of Harmony RingCitrine and Amethyst precious gem stones set a mysterious and seductive tone in the new amulets: the precious colored gemstone enchants with its seductive colour while the golden angel engraving applied to the back is reminiscent of the deep significance of jewellery.
The golden angel is regarded as Wellendorff’s symbol for love, belonging and security. The diamond solitaire in the centre alongside the ring-shaped jewellery elements are mounted into a diamond-studded strap. Each individual ring can be comfortably removed from the strap thanks to an elaborate mechanism that holds the bejewelled elements together in the most elegant, yet secure, manner. With two rings of timeless diamonds adorned in the classic chain motif, the Magic of Happiness and Magic of Harmony Ring glisten from all vantage points. Marked with a number in the inner loop of each limited edition ring, jewellery from the 120th Anniversary Collection are rare and memorable pieces to add to any collection of exquisite treasures.

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