Carlsberg @ “WHERE’S THE PARTY?”

Carlsberg “WHERE’S THE PARTY?” first began in Malaysia and was the first place this mystery party began in Asia. At the time, Carlsberg sent 30 lucky people to the wild extravaganza to have the experience and trip of their lifetime. There is no exception this year! This year, Carlsberg will host this exciting “WHERE’S THE PARTY?” concept in Hong Kong and invited non other than Edison Chen as the party leader! Edison, along with Asia’s renowned streetwear brand CLOT organized the whole theme of “WHERE’S THE PARTY?” for anyone that enjoys having a blast!
 Are you bold enough to attend this party? Because Carlsberg’s “WHERE’S THE PARTY?” is definitely not your average brand party. The concept was first created in Sweden and has become a very popular party concept in Europe because the party location and theme remains unknown to the partygoers until they arrive. As if the element of surprise was not enough already, the CLOT Crew arranged many more exciting and unexpected elements to match the theme of the party. The surprises will begin to appear at the registration centre the day of the party!
Go to Facebook to play the “WHERE’S THE PARTY?” game from June 10 till July 21, 2013 to win a ticket to the year’s most mysterious party! 

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