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EviDenS De Beauté Brightening Saho is the pigmentation process works like a chain reaction that can be compared to a row of dominos lined up one after another. When the first one topples over, all the others fall. Brightening Saho is based on theBright Domino Process, a series of ultra-targeted cosmetic treatments (8 complemetary products for 6 essential steps) that work at every step of the formation of pigmentation spots to block and reverse the chain of reactions in the pigmentation process, restoring the skin’s youthful radiance and protect it against the appearance of future spots.    
 The secret of Brightening Saho : a synergistic cocktail of ultra-powerful last-generation ingredients with brightening, anti-oxidant and anti-tyrosinase properties (Oligopeptide-34, Fullerene, Arbutin, Liposoluble and hydrosoluble Vitamin C, Mulberry Root Extract, Licorice Root Extract and Vine Leaf Extract). Day after day, existing spots and cutaneous irregularities begin to diminish; the complexion starts to look more even and clear : The skin is fully protected, resplendent with renewed radiance. 
The full range are imported from France with breakthrough innovative formula QAI Complex and precious ingredients.  These ingredients include Co-Enzyme Q10, Amino Acids, Morus Alba and Hokkaido Salmon, to be proved for collagen stimulation, an exclusive breakthrough for “Triple Collagen”. It provides exceptional effectiveness with three different sizes of collagen for human being three skin layers Firstly, to penetrate the micro skin layer deeply to encourage cellular regeneration, secondly, to capture and seal water to provide skin with optimal nourishment in medium skin layer and finally to hydrate the outer skin by creating a defense. This QAI Complex provides skin regeneration, restructuring, moisturizing and brightening, day after day the skin will be gradually improved to more elasticity, firm, soft, radiant and whitening.

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