AGATHA @ AGAT’you New Jewellery Concept

AGATHA introduces <AGAT’you>, a line of playful and quirky slide charms and bracelets. For this launch, AGATHA has teamed up with a muse: Alexa Chung, an ultimate IT girl. Alexa is the latest reference in fashion, rated by Vogue and Glamour magazines as one of the best-dressed girls of her generation. She is not just a style icon, but also a striking personality, her character has seduced AGATHA, which finds its qualities reflected in this strong, independent and unusual young woman. Captured by the lens of David Vasiljevic, Alexa Chung lends her image to the AGAT’you collection.
 The name of AGAT’you is a combination of AGATHA and YOU, creating close relation between them by its infinite creation. The collection is based on single and double wrap bracelets and slide charms in a wide variety of designs that glide on in unlimited combinations. Two hundred slide charms in sterling silver or in gold-plated sterling silver with rhinestone, enamel and carved details in AGATHA’s favourite motifs: cherries, cupcakes, strawberries, letters, butterflies, birds and flowers, combined with geometric patterns.
The bracelets, which feature a delicate oval buckle in sterling silver or in gold-plated sterling silver, are available in a wide range of colours and materials: silicone, matt and patent leather, iridescent leather... fluorescent, pastel, black, white, silver, gold and copper shades... in any combination you like!

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