Ludovico Einaudi @ In A Time Lapse

There aren't many classical composers turned music into art and we considered Ludovico Enaudi is more than just a phenomenal composer but also a great artist for his music composition and contribution. If you have watched and loved the movie< Intouchable>, you would recognize a few scores from the OST Einaudi. They are always gorgeously ambient with quality and beautiful piano sequence. In his latest studio album of Einaudi <In A Time Lapse>, you may find some similarity. In fact it is rather Einaudi's style of music that unpretentiously touches your calm yet aching heart consciously as his music are known for simple and plaintive piano pieces. with that, Einaudi's music has always created limitless space and cinematic visionary to his listeners. <In A Time Lapse> is no stranger to his fans, some of the music from this album, Einaudi played and recorded live from his home in Milan. Other instruments includes string, bass, guitars, a battery or percussion are interweaved to break free from his comfort zone with life with unexpected surprises yet highly enjoyable. That was indeed a plus!
Music can make you laugh, to shed a few tears and when wasthe last time you have listened to the music that gave you that emotion. <Time Lapse>, <Walk>,<Discovery At Night> has the continuous identical affection and create a very peaceful and harmony mood. <Run> forms a 'roller coaster" high-low mood giving you a full cinematic vision especially when the Cello and violin arouse the sentiments from the orchestra. Einaudi lends his melodically repetitive pieces with precise manipulation of rhythm and dynamics in may of his masterpieces. Einaudi's musics are to be embraced in order to appreciate to the fullest as his music always maintain his high standards set by previous works. Undoubtedly, Einaudi is one of the greatest pianists and composer of our era as his music is refreshingly simple yet haunting and
gracefully an art.

Rating : 5/5

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