To almost everyone's favorite super hero Superman return to the giant screen as the <Man of Steel> has certainly provided enough exhilarating action (perhaps a little too much, almost non-stop and need a breather) that would surely hit the generic blockbuster territory. This "prequel" of Superman's movie opens plenty wide eyes for his fans who thought they know their super hero well enough over the past decades until the <Man of Steel> unveiled more of his real identities, one of which that the man of steel, Henry Cavill is one of the first super Heroes that is played a non American actor. Do not expect the light and sweet neighborhood guy of hero (perhaps it will begin at the end of the film after Clark Kent has himself a job at the Planet). This reboot from a top-to-bottom, re-imaged of our already known superman need no approval from its audiences. With Christopher Nolan's produced version of dark and bitter heroes, the man of steel and the new and trendy costume (with no red underwear) inclusive. 
The 2013 version is bigger, darker and more violent and not particularly funny or sweet. One thing for sure is that you won't get bored by seeing the CG action here as everything was moving too fast, the power of speed were enormous with lots of damages on earth until you do not have a moment to think but to run for your life. However, this larger than life film was very well made and truly entertaining with its on going sci-fi action. Cavill's version of superman is rather handsome and natch but still something is missing in him, perhaps it was the less approachable and friendly face on screen projected to the superhero's likable fans.

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