Colorado based trio indie folk styling band <THE LUMINEERS> debut album create primal pounding folk music worth hearing. Lead singer Wesley Schulz originally from New Jersey and spent the best part of the last decade writing, demoing, performing and only to end u somewhere close to nowhere. having landed in London, China, New York and decamped to Denver in 2009 and honed their song and let a little mountain air into their music. The well received storming single < Ho Hey> make this dedicated young group's eponymous debut uniquely American in all the best ways. Their debut record is instantly gratifying and not in the hasty shallow way.  The album is overflowing with American gems with sassy songs but in a more somber tunes. They found a way to channel those vulnerable moments in the heartfelt highlights of their debut record. With all acoustic guitar, tambourine and catchy chants could infect your brain and get you singing along for it. This album is a confident but endearingly modest testament to the power of honest and catchy music by incorporating soul, sixties, and a generous portion of traditional, especially for a contemporary indie-folk band.

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