JUST GOLD @ SS2013 Collection

Just Gold SS2013 Collection is equally fashionable and elegant in its pure simplicity. The <Midsummer Concerto> inspired by the beauty and grace of music and dance, Rock and Roll Studs, Gothic and butterfly dance featured in the Just Gold SS2013 Collection are brought to life with extraordinary vogue.
 <Rock & Roll Stud> subverts the design of traditional gold accessories. Pure gold and bright blue sandstone are a harmonious combination that gives the elegant design a touch of rebellion beauty. The Rock & Roll Stud collection is wearable for day and night to endow the wearer with contemporary comeliness. <Waltz Ruffle> collection generously demonstrates the fascinating motion of waltz, the epitome of elegance, poise and beauty. The simple yet splendid design gives each piece a delicate sense of lightness and feminine elegance.
<Gothic Cross> collection inspired by a legendary rock style, but influenced by a modern state of mind. The sophisticated golden cross is inlayed with lilac Swarovski crystals, making each piece infinitely eye-catching and enchanting among all.
<Roaming Butterfly> collection is understated and elegant, it captures the joy of a glistening spring day with delicately crafted butterflies.  Embedded with purple Swarovski crystals, the collection demonstrates vividness and freshness like the butterfly that inspired it.
<Magnificent Prom> uses Swarovski crystal, which appears throughout the collection and is crafted as dazzling dance floor. Hocked with an elongated golden necklace, the collection reveals an unrehearsed elegance. The necklaces are embedded with either white or green Swarovski crystal, and can be worn as a long chain or match with various necklaces in different length for layering.

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