PCCW-HKT @ "Smart Pama" Comprehensive Services

 PCCW-HKT is inviting all parents to enjoy a new series of comprehensive mobile services “Smart Pama”, which will enable them to keep contact and share information easily with their children via smartphones and Apps, even when they are busy at work. By subscribing to PCCW-HKT’s “Ultimate Mobility” plan, “Smart Pama” services which comprise workshops, hotline assistance, smartphone special offers and free data transfer service like having specialists to help parents set up and download the hottest Apps, regardless of any smartphone model.
Parents can join PCCW-HKT’s year-round free “Smart Pama” workshops where specialists will demonstrate how to make full use of the latest smartphones and the hottest Apps including Group Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook and WeChat, as well as other features for photo sharing, drama viewing, games and stock information browsing, etc. 
Smartphone special offers HK$0 handset price and unlimited voice calls in Hong Kong and overseas for any Hong Kong numbers when subscribe to PCCW-HKT’s “Ultimate Mobility” Handset Plan at a monthly rate of as low as HK$149.  “Ultimate Mobility” services plans of 1GB2.5GB5GB10GB and 20GB of local mobile data usage with options to enable data usage top up or disable data usage top up.  Besides, customers may have unlimited access to PCCW-HKT Wi-Fi, which enables them to control and manage their data usage flexibly to avoid shocking bills. For details, visit www.pccw-hkt.com

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