Wellendorff @ Angel's Wings Yellow Gold Collection

Wellendorff Angel’s Wings Yellow Gold Collection  is about Fate and love, coupled with the serendipitous nature of angels, epitomize the inspiration behind Wellendorff’s Angel’s Wings Yellow Gold collection. Alluding to a romantic Nicholas Sparks novel, a touching letter written by Heidi Thomas about her journey of destiny and everlasting love inspired the Wellendorff family to create a yellow gold collection synonymous with master goldsmith artistry. An extension of the white gold “Angel’s Wing” collection, these new pieces are intricately inlayed with white illuminating enamel to create a “star dust” effect, allowing imagery of heavenly stars to shine through.
Through beautiful designs reminiscent of angelic perfection, Wellendorff hopes to spread this everlasting love into everyone’s lives. The most precious of all Wellendorff jewelry, each piece in the Angel’s Wings Yellow Gold collection is delicately engraved with an angel motif as a reminder of their purity and continuous guardianship. Similar to the glowing aura of an angel’s halo, both Rings Diamond Wings and Golden Wings are crafted from white shimmer enamel and meticulously set with diamonds both on the surface and on the sides for unparalleled luxury and shine.
Necklace Wings of the Sun is equally riveting; made out of 18-carat yellow gold and versatile twists for multiple methods of wear, this necklace is playful yet sophisticated and elegant. Featuring gold hoops crafted out of Wellendorff’s iconic silk rope, Earrings Noble Brilliance of the Sun blind the eyes with three diamond-set sides to pay tribute to its name. Completing this collection is the Amulet Diamond Wings to bring wearers a little closer to their own fairy tale romances. Constructed out of 18-carat yellow gold, this piece is synonymous with tradition and genuine values.
 Masterful craftsmanship is evident in the technical precision and clever designs of all Wellendorff pieces; paired with the iconic diamond-studded “W,” this collection symbolizes the beautiful essence of delicate angels and Wellendorff’s jewelry crafting artistry. It is all about the flawless craftsmanship.

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