GODIVA @ 2012 Mid-Autumn Limited Edition Collection

GODIVA has specially designed a unique recipe for the Mid-Autumn limited edition gift set. Layers, crunches and rich and fruity chocolate ganache creates the expansive formula that you can enjoy with loved ones. GODIVA Mid-Autumn collection chocolates have a sweet and rich aroma that captures hearts. The wrapping and decoration of the delicate charms are specially designed with patterns of golden twirls engraved on a traditional Chinese red cover, highlighting the elegant yet modest essences of Chinese royalties.
The simplistic golden lines display just a hint of classic luxury, just like the blossomed water lilies floating gracefully under the sparkling moonlight. This heartwarming and poetic scenery leaves no loneliness even parted with the loved ones.
There are 5 brand new Mid-Autumn limited edition chocolate flavours that comes in two different sizes: the refreshing apricot – mandarin crunch and the rich strawberry- lychee crunch are available in the regular sizes, whereas the tangerine- banana crunch, the mango-cranberry crunch, and the creamy passion fruit almond crunch are available in petite chocolate mooncakes.

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