《TUMI @ FW2012 Collection》

TUMI FW2012 collection is a collection of business, day and travek bags designed for transitional lifestyles. The core product lines including Alpha、 Alpha Bravo、Alpha Lightweight、Arrivé、 Bedford,  Beacon Hill、BoulevardDror for Tumi、GeorgetownTegra-Lite、Vapor and Voyageur. From extended trips to the daily commute, travel is now a part of our daily ritual. Surroundings and situations may change but one thing remains: the need for accessories to accomplish the tasks at hand. It re-defines the travel experience based on each individuals personal needs, wants, and style.  This season’s collection presents everything one will need to tackle his or her personal journey.
Industrial Designer Dror Benshetrit "Case Studies" offers a glimpse into the lives of those constantly on the move. It's an inside look into the method behind packing their lives, passions and possessions into their bags. Benshetrit has mastered the art of transformation, but when it comes to packing his style remains constant and his packing tips is to use designated compartments for each item, place socks in shoes to save spaces and protect the footwear and keep toiletry bad on top as it's the last and first thing you'd need. Three renown personality shared their packing tips while they are on the road.
Executive VP Of Denver Nuggets Masai Ujiri thinks underwear in first so it’s not forgotten. Ujiri slam dunk his clothes into his carry-on case in the latest edition of “Case Studies”. Ujiri suggests to fold clothes flat, including suits, in a layers and always carry-on if the trip is one night per city.
Music Mastermind, World Class Traveler DJ Vice doesn't just know music - he knows how to get things done while on the move. When he's not mashing up tracks, this spinning savant is blending his belongings seamlessly into his TUMI Alpha bag. Hear Vice sound off on the tricks he's learned while traveling the globe. He always leave room for gifts as your may pick up gifts on the road and his converse shoes pack easily because of the moldability and always get double beds in hotel so he can use the second as on-the-go closet.

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