《MONKI @ AW2012 Collection》

MONKI AW2012 Collection wants to start a conversation about personality. The collection is a treasury of inspirations to help you find the courage to create an entirely personal expression that truly reflects who you are.“It’s about individuality”, says head designer Tallulah Topac. “It’s not just about the clothes, but about the person inside them. When clothes meet person, magic happens. These are clothes looking for a wearer.”
The collection consists of five trends. In the first one, the influence of the unpredictable and willfully creative contemporary craft movement can be read in the bright colours, the quirky mix’n’match details such as jeweled collars and playful print mixes, and in the eclectic fabric choices ranging from knits and woven chiffons to flowing jerseys and leather.
Next comes a trend characterized by pieces in graphic black and white. Knits and stretch jerseys provide a canvas for a wild monochrome riff – squares, lines, tartan checks, hound’s-tooth, optical striping and contrast trim. The accessories have a pared-down, modernist feel and include ostrich leather finishes, patent accents, and deep-crowned hats. Tallulah continues: “We want to work with you on creating something that’s unique to you. The collection is a starting point, and then it’s up to you to style, layer, combine, customize – grab some scissors and cut it up, if you want to. Get inspired. Make it yours.“
The rest of the season roams from winter comfort with American overtones, with New England college flannels, cosy traditional knits, Inca prints and wolves, to a soft pastel blizzard of fake fur, mohair and lurex, and finally the dark glitter of the sequins, velvet and lace of the glamorous 70’sinspired festive season, a late-night riot of metallics, sequins, deep teal blue and intense purple.

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