Citizen X Kaneshiro @ Powered by Willpower Ad Campaign

2012 is the 3rd year of cooperation between Citizen & Kaneshiro being the ambassador of Citizen brand by conveying the message of “Intelligence, Passionate and Innovative”.  In the 3rd year’s cooperation, the new print ads and TV ads using the same theme with surreal and situational backgrounds and successfully convey the message of  “Powered by Willpower”  presented in flashback interpretation. Kaneshiro possess the personal image of mature, wise and full of willpower which coincided with Citizen’s brand spirit of innovation and  product development. The concept starts from “The Decisive Moment”, interprets the moment just making decision, and persist your faith will shed a powerful force from inside out.
Kaneshiro wore 2 new models of wrist watches, CY0074-50E Citizen Eco-Drive Global Radio Controlled Watch and CA0341-52E Citizen Eco-Drive Super Titanium Watch, presenting the innovative technology of Citizen. The use of Eco-Drive technology realize the near perfect watch auto-management of time. “Super-Ti”is super light and durable to scratches and prevents metal allergy which enable consumers to feel the convenience brought by innovative technology. Citizen strives to provide high end products and services to consumers and the new image of Citizen Ambassador in promotional advertisement will further promote the brand image of “Innovative Thinking”.
To present the invisible willpower, Citizen make use of black and white to create a surreal background with the combination of scene and computer animations, antique wall and modern lighting and furniture creates dramatic effect. Flashback presentation method enable Kaneshiro to act and present through his eye and body expression how he persist with his faith. This Citizen’s TV ad convey the message of how modern people make their decision at that moment just because they strive to be innovative and continue to breakthrough with full strength just like Kaneshiro who continues to improve and progress with this career of performing arts.

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