Issey Miyake New Fragrance @ PLEATS PLEASE L’EAU

Issey Miyake  new fragrance PLEATS PLEASE L’EAU is a fresh variation which arouses beams of emotion and brings out a charming smile.  In the joyful and sparkling universe of Pleats Please, a playful echo to the designer’s pleated and colourful creations, there blows a breeze of freedom. For the arrival of spring, a bubble of happiness floats into the sky: Pleats Please L’Eau. Aurélien Guichard, the original creator of Pleats Please Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum, embarked on an adventure by working around one watchword: “ethereal freshness.” A breath of lightness and a burst of flowers come to rest on L’Eau. In the top notes, the joyful freshness is brightened by the presence of wild rose. This wild rose brings its delicate scent to the fragrance. The floral and joyful middle notes focus on the delicate nature of rose buds which are almost still green. The mood of the Bulgarian rose is present, but not yet as a flower, just a promise of what is to come. A hint of pink peppercorn, a touch of neroli. A veil of white musks soon appears; it “caresses” the fragrance then prolongs its trail. The woody facet structures the base notes, the cedar and patchouli that the perfumer designed as a touch of watercolor to brighten Pleats Please. At once soft and effervescent, the green hue that distinguishes the fragrance brings a new facet to the multicoloured world of Pleats Please. The colour of renewed success, green revives and enchants what nature offers. As a counterpoint, the flawless cheerfulness of a fuchsia pink vibrates, echoing the logo. The flower blooms, a corolla of green and pink petals. A touch of bright orange is added, the signature of the joyful Pleats Please universe.