MONTBLANC New Fragrance For Men @ Emblem

MONTBLANC introduces the new fragrance for men and challenges the laws of attraction through the power of its story, the enactment of its accords, and the virile audacity of its bottle. The new fragrance by Montblanc: Emblem. Emblem is a rock, a landmark, an identity. It pays an accurate tribute to the Montblanc heritage, symbol of the six glacial valleys bordering the highest peak in Europe. Emblem takes the noblest of its values: sobriety, excellence, precision. Its sillage reflects a lifestyle, an art of seduction too, it is brilliant, vibrant, forthright. This fragrance inspires a man who meets the mark. A man whose tenacity, confidence and composure drive him to reach the summit. Unfailing in his choices, confident in his tastes. And always with a relaxed chic style, a taste for dignified luxury, an eye for detail. A man who loves the stringent lines of a tailored cut, the comfort of Egyptian cotton. A man who bears a natural air of elegance. A Swiss watch on his wrist. A Meisterstück 149 in his breast pocket. His fragrance is stamped as a seal. Emblem: a statement. "This fragrance calls for raw materials of the finest quality, ‘OrPur TM’ as we say in the trade,” reveals Emblem’s perfumer Sonia Constant. Of course, the classics are also reinterpreted to achieve a fragrance of desire, corpulence and modernity. “Emblem emanates an elegance marked by the contrast between sensual cinnamon and aqueous - almost frosty - violet leaf," continues Constant. “A dreamt-of classic revisited… totally contemporary.”

Top Notes effervesce with juicy bitter grapefruit. The main accord blows hot and cold with an icy absolute of cardamom and clary sage leaf, jolted by a shockwave of pink peppercorns and black pepper. Frosty violet leaf crackles in contact with razor-sharp cinnamon leaf. Cleaned of its earthy aspect, purified patchouli gives this Montblanc fragrance its base, wrapped in the intensity of wood and ambroxan. This is where attraction - addiction - lies, like a shiver that runs over the skin when quality flannel or freshly ironed poplin brushes against it. The object intrigues, black like onyx, almost mineral, solid but smoothly faceted, its edges polished by time. Its shape fascinates, defies time and codes. A unique design for the Maison signature. The Emblem flacon resembles no other in the perfume world, recalling the Montblanc emblem. The bottle’s size and contour call to mind the snow peak and six glaciers. Once again the emblem for this masculine, sober, weighty vial. The bottle - a block sculpted with pure lines -asserts the same precision and excellence as other Montblanc creations, from writing instruments to timepiece innovations. An object to be kept, a talisman for which only a man of natural authority can be the custodian. Embodied by David Genat, the Montblanc man inspires respect and compels admiration. In black and white, his sharp features, and confident smile outline a seductively charismatic leader in control of his life. A timeless sillage measured for natural confidence, unwavering refinement and exemplary precision. Neither fashion nor time matter. His charisma fascinates the lens; his elegance imprints the film with a black and white image signed off by star photographer Peter Lindbergh.