Hermès @ Le Bain Collection

Hermès introduces a new art of living through perfume using a new key to open up a world of perfumed experiences, sensations and images.

Seeing. Smelling. Touching.
Tasting. Savouring. Discovering.
Hesitating. Pouring. Listening.
All the senses on the alert,involved, pampered.

At the heart of Hermès Bath time are the notes of the perfumes in the Colognes collection and the Garden Perfumes collection, but here they have new textures: creamy bubble bath, revitalising shampoo, hydrating balm, toning gel, soothing body milk and gentle soap. Enveloping the bod y in a round of fragrances. Steeping it in the froth of Un Jardin après la Mousson, smoothing it in the soft florals of Eau de Gentiane Blanche and Eau de Narcisse Bleu , zinging to the citrus notes of Eau de Pample mousse Rose and Eau d’Orange Verte, immersing it in a wave that flows from the Nile to the Mediterranean.

The immediacy of interplaying raw materials in the Colognes, the spirit of travel and adventure in the Garden Perfume, your bathroom becomes a special place for new playful emotions and for moments of escape that are both far away and close to home.

Inventing a bath time ritual, succumbing to totally new sensations on your skin, while revelling in the beauty of a moment when a colour adopts every possible tone, every nuance. The soothing softness of greys and blues, the vitamin rich splash of oranges and green. Lightly imprinted with the design of an Hermès silk Carré , the presentation box for the emblematic saddle tack soap has a secret of its own to divulge. In among the gestures, textures, colours and designs, choose your favourite for the day, for your mood. Change. Start again. Add some variety to the pleasure. Tomorrow is another bath, another perfume. Le Bain Hermès (Hermès Bath time), a new art of living through perfume.